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Heping the People of Parrish Florida

Parrish has always had a reputation as a giving community that “took care of its own.” Years ago when Parrish was much smaller, everyone knew their neighbors and when some deserving person needed help, the community would pull together and provide the needed assistance. This was also true of community projects – the fire station behind the Community Center was built from donations of time and materials as well as funds raised at community-wide covered dish suppers.

Over time, as Parrish grew, it became harder to do this – particularly the community projects. The goal of The Parrish Foundation is to fill this gap. The Parrish Foundation is a 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt, charitable organization. 


With your support, The Parrish Foundation plans to move on to new projects that will have an equally positive effect on the lives of Parrish residents. Whether it be supporting the creation of local jobs or helping a group that helps the underprivileged or assisting a group that helps handicapped kids, The Parrish Foundation will be there. With your support, we will succeed because helping our fellow residents is “What great communities do.”

The Rebecca "Cookie" Jordan Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by the Parrish Foundation
Rebecca “Cookie” Jordan
September 15, 1941 - February 24, 2024
Most people knew Rebecca as “Cookie”, a nickname that her older sister gave her so as not to be confused with her mother also named Rebecca.
Cookie was a proud alumni of the University of Tennessee, and loved her “Rocky Top” college.  As a Tennessee “VOLUNTEER”, Cookie literally carried that volunteerism trait throughout her adult life and brought it to the community of Parrish Florida.  Cookie was emblematic of a true volunteer and leader of a growing community.
Cookie was the founder and publisher of the Parrish Village News (PVN), a monthly local newspaper, focused on all things important to a fast growing community.  Through the PVN, which was mailed to all the residents of zip code 34219, conveyed information of activities related to new growth as well as detailed historical information dating back to the establishment of the Parrish rural agricultural area.  This history was important to Cookie to insure that all new residents were made aware of the roots of the community as well as the exciting growth and opportunities Parrish would be experiencing.
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